R&D services

SiGarden creates innovative projects on its own and delivers advanced design services and full custom designs in the areas of: consumer electronics, telecom, automation, infotainment, health care, mission critical applications.

We offer our Customers support and expertise during the process of development carrier boards for our modules. We can support our Clients in that process or we can design the fully customised carrier boards for them. That process is clear and simple as three steps below:
Step I - NDA
We exchange with our Customers agreement to keep in secret information given to us. We guarantee the information in SiGarden is handled with attention and secure.
Step II - Sharing information
At that step we share information with our Customer about the design. It could be information about our design that is needed for the second part to develop a carrier board, i.e. user manuals and/or schematics. It could be also information delivered to us by Customers, their demands or high level description of the device.
Step III - Statement of work
We come to the point where we clarify what to do, how and when. After finishing that step we start and keep working untill we fullfill what was agreed to do and our Customer is satisfied.