BAS invest in SiGarden

A team of Polish engineers in cooperation with Business Angel Seedfund starts SiGarden - a research and development company of new mobile solutions based on Intel latests technology. The company from Gdańsk is likely to be one of the a few centers in the world, which develops multimedia computers or ultramobile PCs.

Thanks to the Business Angel Seedfund ( www.seedfund.pl ) on the area of Gdańsk Science and Technology Park the new company – SiGarden was born. SiGarden is created by the team of hardware designers who worked for Intel in Poland (Modular Communication Platform Division) for the last 5-10 years. The scope of the new company is to prepare the design and production of innovative electronic devices based on Intel technologies (such as Intel® Atom™ processors). Over the next 5 years SiGarden may be one of the few global suppliers of ready-made solutions for international companies that offer portable devices such as Pocket PCs or UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer).

"Intel changed the strategy of conducting development operations in Poland what created a unique opportunity for us" - says Jacek Budny, a member of SiGarden Management Board - "We wanted to use the unique competence of our team and in close cooperation with Intel create the independent design center in Poland. With the investment of business angels, we were able to start."

Business Angel Seedfund created by the experienced business angels like Maciej Grabski (Wirtualna Polska), Maciej Duda (PKM Duda) and Jędrzej Wittchen invested in the idea of engineers from Gdansk. They have signed the contract that guarantees financing for the company’s investment activities and development. SiGarden is seeking for the additional financing in the "Innovative Economy" programm driven by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP).

"SiGarden is an innovative company with huge potential" - says Maciej Grabski, President of the Business Angel Seedfund - "I believe the company could become a global supplier of solutions within the electronics, automation, telecommunications and medical electronics.