Our Mission

SiGarden provides essential innovation to our global partners and customers. To achieve this, we adhere to a philosophy of quality. Our employees follow a quality development system and design basing on “knowledge as the foundation of quality” principle.

At SiGarden, we treat clients as partners and we value long term business relationships. We strive to provide constant on-site presence and support. Our engineers are usually engaged as early as in planning stage to help and ensure our partners can make the optimal decision. SiGarden has vast technical expertise in embedded technologies which we utilize to deliver clear hardware solutions and industry leading time-to-market.

Our innovations make life easier for our customers.

What We Do

Our core competence is industrial automation. It is our world, it’s where we excel. With our customization service we can fast and cost effectively optimize our standard products to meet different requirements. Thanks to customization we discovered a natural flow of our products over to the worlds of mission critical and medical equipment. They all have the similar rugged and reliability requirements.

Why Choose SiGarden?

We offer engineering help and consulting very early in the design process to ensure optimal decisions and fast time-to-market.

Our products, while conforming to industry standards, can be customized with minimal cost and turnaround. Even on low volume orders we can customize designs to your needs like nobody did before. We commit to quality with comprehensive testing across the board. Our products are designed and manufactured in Europe with stringent quality processes and standards.

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